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Default Re: Overscan and HDMI audio questions

I looked at the Nvidia HDMI audio guide and I can understand why it is not easy to understand for a newb. Let me try to help you.

As far as I know, all 4XX nvidia cards have 4 HDMI audio devices, and first you will have to find out which is the one ALSA wants to use.
First use this command:

sudo aplay -L

It will list everything linux thinks is an audio device. Notice whether or not your nvidia sound is listed as a 0,3 or 1,3 (just an example, the numbering changes depending on whether you have an other sound device or not.Card # on the left is the first number in the 1,3. Device # is the second number.) This info will be important in the next step.

Secondly try the speaker-test (make sure the volume is up on the tv and nothing is muted. Get the alsa gnome mixer in synaptic and browse over to your nvidia audio levels and make sure none are muted. Make sure all IEC958 boxes are checked.)

Now to use the numbers you found in the first step using this command:

speaker-test -c 2 -r 48000 -D hw:1,3

Try replacing the 3 with either 7,8 or 9. If the 1 does not match what you saw with aplay -l command, replace it with the number listed. One of these should get audio out to your tv.

Final step:
Add this line to your file in /etc/pulse/:

load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:1,7

This is from my setup, 1,7 worked for my speaker test so replace the numbers with the numbers your speaker test worked with.

The only way to edit this file is to run gedit as root. To do this type:

sudo gedit

(You need to use sudo and type in your password whenever you alter files that are not in your home directory.)


Now you should have working HDMI audio, no more work should be necessary.

Happy trails and if you need more help post again.

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