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Default Re: Linux drivers for GE Force 500M Series (GT 540M in particular)

Originally Posted by Damien B. View Post
Thanks for your quick answer Deanjo.
Should the latest betas work even though they dont mention the card in the list of supported chips? (I was looking at the 270.30 version which seems to be the latest beta).
There is a new Cuda driver out that has "officially listed support", 270.40 that lists it in the changelog:

* GeForce GTX 590
* GeForce GTX 550 Ti
* GeForce GT 420
* GeForce GT 440
* GeForce GTX 470M
* GeForce GTX 485M
* GeForce GT 550M
* GeForce GT 555M

* Quadro 1000M
* Quadro 2000M
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