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Default dual monitors, DVI & displayport

I'm running LINUX SUSE w/ a Quadro 4000, 260.19.44 driver & (2) 1920x1080x120Hz monitors for shuttering 3D visualization.The primary monitor is DVI to DVI; 2nd monitor is DisplayPort to DVI (board to monitors). When logged in as root, I can use the X Server settings tool to configure TwinView & the 2nd monitor to the correct 1920x1080 res, but not 120Hz. Secondly the 2nd monitor config goes away if I log out of root & log back in as me (for accessing a particular program). The 2nd monitor then comes up in low-res, but the TwinView is intact.
Should both monitors be connected as DVI-D, using a DVI splitter? The xorg.conf appears to be properly populated, except for no refresh rate for DFP-1 (2nd monitor). I've tried adding various options to the config file to force the rate etc, all to no avail. Anybody got any tips?
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