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Default Re: [270.18] Overclocking is _still_ broken for 8xxx (probably 9xxx too) class GPUs

In any case, I do not mind if it takes Nvidia two more months to come out with an updated driver, as long as regressions like this one get fixed along with other improvements. It upsets me when they update the drivers every week, but change one or two minor things (3D vision, anyone).

Nothing wrong with taking their time just to make sure they get it right. I am not on board with the 3D stuff though, I think 3D is way too over rated. Lets get basic functionality we used to have back before working on fancy new options such as 3D.

Thanks Nvidia driver team, I know your only working with the scraps the corporation will give you to keep the open source community happy.

(Try to convince your bosses to support optimus in linux or at least a workaround, many people are very upset with this and rightfully so, in my opinion).
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