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Default [BUG] Resolution changes while running gnome-shell can lead to display corruption

When running games that change the resolution at load time for intro graphics I will often experience display corruption in either the game or when I exit corruption on the desktop of gnome-shell. By simply changing the program to run in a windowed mode I've been able to avoid Xid's and display corruption. The worst game for causing corruption and Xid's is d2x-xl which can be obtained at although it doesn't include the descent art and can be difficult to install. Another way to trigger display corruption is to run gnome-shell --replace when mutter is running. The bug is much worse with the 260.19.44. Unloading the driver and reloading does not always clear the screen corruption. Sometimes the result will be static across the desktop too.

Please fix this bug as it affects general usability of the desktop. I'm currently using the 270.30 driver.
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