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Default Attention audio listeners. (especially HDMI audio users)

Ever wanted to listen to audio while your monitor is off, but don't want to go into the power management settings to disable automatic sleep so that your music goes on forever uninterrupted, and then go back and turn it back on once you're done?

Then this little program I whipped up is for you.

Just run this program, and while the window is open, automatic sleep and monitor power down are disabled. This is especially useful for HDMI audio users like me who don't want their monitor to power off (which also turns off HDMI audio) while listening.

Simply close the window (which exits the program) and everything is back to normal. No going into the power management settings each time you want to toggle this. This program doesn't change any settings either so even in the event of abnormal program termination (e.g. power goes out) there's nothing to fix.

Source code is included. Probably requires .NET framework to work.

Based on code examples here.
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Want to listen to audio without your computer going to sleep? Try this.

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