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Originally posted by Venturi
I don't understand how anyone is getting these 66,000+ scores either.

If I was to draw out a chart, in order to fet 66,000, I would have to overclock my card 35% and my cpu's 20%.

I fail to see how higher than 66,000 is possible

However with Quake 3 Arena patch 1.17 (smp enabled) I get over 600fps on Quaver r_swapinterval 0, timedemo 1.

I understand that doom 3 is smp capable...can't wait.
I hear you. I'm glad you see it the same way, cause I just can't get the math right either.

For comparison purposes I just did a Quake 3 timedemo (just the Quake3 demo, demo001, no sound) and @ 640x480x32 I got 627 fps....
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