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Default Re: Nvidia 9600GT: Xorg process and high CPU usage

Dear All,

I have the same and very irritating problem since my upgrade:

XOrg produces nearly always high CPU (50%+) load of both CPU cores, even if I don't do anything. As a result, the whole desktop becomes very unresponsive. It may take up to 2 seconds before a chosen window is activated, scrolling through a list is close to impossible, etc. Also, the fan is on all the time. However, very sporadically, for about a minute, the system suddenly is fine - everything is smooth and fast.

My personal feeling is that there is a problem with events and interrupts. 3D acceleration per se seems fine.

My configurations:

openSUSE 11.4
KDE 4.6.1, KDE 4.6.2, with and without (!) Desktop Effects (Kwin or Compiz)
GeForce 8600M GT
Latest 260 (from .rpm files) and 270 (from .run file, beta) drivers

I tried to install earlier drivers, but that failed with a compile error.

There is only one way to eliminate the problem: Running nouveau with no 3D. But I need 3D for my work, so no option for me. But that tells me that the driver is involved in this issue.

I really don't know anymore what to do. Please help me.

PS: I upgraded these days from openSUSE 11.0 and KDE 3.5.10 with dirver and XGL. This old system worked fine, with the exception that XGL always used 40% of my 4GB. But I could live with that.
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