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Default Re: New flashplugin 10.2 video overlay issue (Nvidia ralated ???).

Originally Posted by geezee View Post
Hi all,

On my Dell D830 with Opensuse 11.3 (32b) and NVidia Quadro NVS 140M, drivers 260.19.44 and flashplayer I had the same horrible behaviour.

I installed the 270.26 drivers (I did not find 270.30 for my card) together with the flashplayer_inc_debug_lin_022711.tar.gz and the symptoms are gone!
I needed this to work in order to view Oracle Enterprise Mgr Grid Control real-time performance grafics.

"flashplayer_inc_debug_lin_022711.tar.gz" = Flash 11 developer version that works quite well (still has bugs but way better than the 10.2.152/153).

The nvidia driver version has probably nothing to do with this, i have a Quadro NVS 135M and the .152 version is horrible on it with both 270.26 and 270.30 - and works quite well with the Googles .154 version on any driver.

Another and perhaps more stable option is to use the Google Chromes included player, version 10.2.154 (
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