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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Ok I experienced really strange things now. On Debian my ACPI values for the backlight keys on my keyboard were exactly the same as the values from the Dell Vostro. But now on Ubuntu the keys are actually changed back to the one which stands in the oBacklight script for the VPCCW1S1E.

How is this possible?? The acpi values for the hardware keys have to be the same on every linux operating system, right??? So why did i have the values from Vostro on Debian and the values for VAIO VPCCW1S1E on Ubuntu??

And there's another bug for me in versions of nvidiabl bigger than 0.60. Version 0.60 was the last version that allowed me to control my backlight properly. On versions higher than 0.60 the Screen turns very very dark, so I can't see anything, every time I try to control the backlight with the keys.
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