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Default Re: Crysis 2 DX11 Patch Officially Announced

Originally Posted by JaylumX View Post
Even with the patch i bet people will still whing about the game
There were many, many deficiencies in regards to Crysis game play. If you didn't appreciate the game's graphics you likely either didn't have a system capable of truly running the game or you're just a hater because you can be.

That being said I think a lot of the stink being made is based on the fact that if Crytek had just taken Crysis and built upon the existing game instead of going in what is a totally different direction than both Far Cry and Crysis we would have one helluva a game. Case and point... 3.5 years later(that's going from an 8800GTX to a 580GTX) the graphics took a step down.

It's like a movie that builds and builds to a climax and then before it actually gets there it skips off to some Sex in the City III ending that just isn't worthy of the rest of what is other wise a totally top notch movie.

Taken on its own merits and with no consideration to anything that has come before Crysis 2 is a good game. BUT... factor in the previous games and suddenly you have a Metallica Load album situation where the die hards that contributed to their eventual success are suddenly wondering why the **** is that guy known for his growl trying to ****ing sing that Fa*goty ass crap?

So yeah... they're still likely going to complain. Crytek should have released a game with these graphics 3.5 years ago and a game with Crysis graphics today.


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