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Default Re: BioShock Full Version Feedback Thread

I'll never understand why 30fps in games doesn't work like 24fps in movies.

Let's say if the game was animated at 24fps, then if you get should play completely smooth, and anything over 24fps will make zero difference.

Instead, what we get is...30fps animations which stutter at anything higher than 30fps. Does this make sense to anyone?

Wasn't DOOM 3 done at 60hz, like RAGE will be, whereas most games are done at 30hz. So you'll need 60fps to get a smooth game, and anything over will not cause it to stutter. I don't remember exactly what the animations were done at though, it could be 60fps, or it could be 24fps. I'm guessing it's 24fps, because 60fps would be overkill.
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