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Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
It should be faster then the GTX 275.If it has all the memory chips on it and does'nt have two missing then there a chance that it will flash to a GTX 470.But it also a chance you could brick the card.
Thanks, I looked into it and I think it's too risky. Where is the RAM located on the card? Let me guess....under the heatsink/fan? Well I'm not certain if it has all it's chips but I will say this. I played BFBC2 MP and on various maps, I'd say the average FPS is about 60! I've got everything set to it's highest save shadows which are on Low and AA which is set to 4x I think. What's weird is I had a chance to play with a 470 about a week ago....brand new one and it was slower than this 465?!? I don't know how and it was only about 5 FPS slower, but it was slower! I wasn't O/Cing the 470 and I haven't O/Ced this 465 yet either. I can run Crysis 2 and BFBC2 with basically everything on high. I'm very impressed with this card.

I'll be upgrading my whole system next year and I'll have around $350 to play around with for the video card so I'll be getting a 670 I guess. I have $1000 altogether to spend so I'll have a very nice system.

What I'm really waiting for is Battlefield 3! I'll have to run it on the 465 until tax time next year when I can upgrade, but I figure I can run BF3 no less than medium settings and probably a mixture of high/medium. I can't wait for BF3!!!
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