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Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Well, I've been quiet excited lately because I can play games all over again maxed out with my GTX460. That's the great thing about PC games, old games get better with new hardware.
You got that right! I just wish some of the older games had greater compatibility. I've been dying to fire up some Grim Fandango. Maybe I'll spend some time and get it running....

I spent the time to get Monkey Island 4 working.... and it was just barely worth the cost of admission. I started with 5, then played 1SE and 2S3. MI 3 was playable in SCUMMVM. And 4 was a PITA to get working and was the worse in the series.

What an awesome franchise.

I really want to play more games, but with my wife finishing up her MBA and my Masters in IT starting this semester, plus 40+ hours a week at work.... more work than time to play awesome games.
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