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You got that right! I just wish some of the older games had greater compatibility. I've been dying to fire up some Grim Fandango. Maybe I'll spend some time and get it running....

I spent the time to get Monkey Island 4 working.... and it was just barely worth the cost of admission. I started with 5, then played 1SE and 2S3. MI 3 was playable in SCUMMVM. And 4 was a PITA to get working and was the worse in the series.

What an awesome franchise.

I really want to play more games, but with my wife finishing up her MBA and my Masters in IT starting this semester, plus 40+ hours a week at work.... more work than time to play awesome games.
Should run fine as long as you disable AA and AF in the CP for the game since it causes weird graphics artifacts.

I've been playing a lot of Diablo 2 with my girl, she's never played it so its fun to go through it all slow and steady rather then just jumping into quick runs online.
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