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Well the problem here is that Crysis was ahead of it's time and on the hardware available at the time, it was very taxing.

Of course, Crysis can run well today, now that the hardware has caught up and surpassed it, so to speak.

There's not a lot of trees or huge view distances in Crysis 2, but I think Crysis 2 looks better than Crysis 1.

Maybe I just got tired of the rolling green mountains and tremendous vegetation that Crysis has. The urban environments, inside and out, lighting, particles, smoke, destroyed buildings, cratered up roads and stuff look awesome in Crysis 2.

Maybe Rage is the new "benchmark" for the PC. Who knows. It does look pretty good and is OpenGL. However, it's a console title as well, so we'll see. Carmack is a god, though.
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