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Default Re: Goodbye Onboard NIC. Hello Killer NIC 2100.

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
It's funny watching you guys argue.

For $50 i'd probably pick it up too just to see what it actually offers. It definitely has some interesting features like the personalized QoS that you can't easily get otherwise... personally I'd rather have that at a router level with something like the D-Link GamerLounge gaming router.

It would be nice having everything offloaded from the cpu too... but with onboard audio and an onboard NIC I really don't think conventional quad cores take too much of a hit, especially if they have hyperthreading.

Glad you're enjoying it though, I'd like to pick one up sometime to see what their software has to offer
D-Link routers are garbage. If I connect to the modem directly, my ping is 12ms on speedtest for Los Angeles (where I live). If I connect through the $180 Gaming router by D-Link, my ping is 30ms and pages take longer to connect to the host. If I use my Netgear router $180 (current one) I get 13ms ping and pages load as fast as without a router. I've enabled QoS on the router, but I have no idea for it knows what app is running and how to prioritize it.

It has a section where I can make a profile for a game, so let's say I name it Crysis. Then I select the port to use and prioritize it. It's too complicated, since I have no idea what port it uses and how it will even detect what program Crysis is referring to. Killer NIC offers an automatic way of doing this on my PC, so I can prioritize it there. It detects the exe of the program and you can set the level there.
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