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Default Re: Goodbye Onboard NIC. Hello Killer NIC 2100.

Originally Posted by DansFace View Post
I just got one of these from a friend.. traded him a copy of portal 2 for it. It helps a ton in BC2 and I like the fact I can limit bandwidth and traffic on the fly...

Last night I was sniping better as a medic with a m1 compared to the usual recon newbs . I still haven't looked into tweaking the card yet.. but for 40$ i'm impressed
My question would be what else do you run while gaming? I can see the scenario where you run torrents in the background would cause your pings to spike, but at the NIC level I don't see where you'll gain a whole lot with QoS. If I'm playing a game just about everything else is shut off so the only traffic would be game traffic. The biggest issue I could see is when someone else in your house fires up Hulu or netflix and then all of the sudden you're competing for bandwidth with someone else on the same network. This would be where QoS would be much more useful.

The one scenario I could really see where one of these NICs would improve network traffic is if your CPU is loaded down causing a delay before packets can be sent or replied to. On a single or dual core system with a game that can tax both cores it might be possible for that to occur.
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