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I ran the fedora for a few weeks and it was quite stable and did well. However as it comes no mp3 files will play and it had a few other items that were (broken) when it comes to multymedia. Redhat broke these items because they felt they did not meet gpl standards or something.

Mandrake 9.2 has a few bugs but runs great anyway. The mouse settings for single or double click to open an item is stuck on single click. The menue will dissapear when you add a new rpm.

They are working on several bugs and several have been fixed already.

I couldn't get an nforce 2 motherboard to come up with netowrk or sound in 9.2 even though the x windows server thinks it has identified and installed the nvidia hardware properly.

personally the Mandrake release seems to have a few better control appletts and a better look and feel.
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