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Default Re: Goodbye Onboard NIC. Hello Killer NIC 2100.

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
I have QoS set up and it works fine on my router. If someone else is downloading at full speed and I begin a download, it quickly equalizes our speed so we get about the same bandwidth. This also works for games, but I'm usually the only one on the net and I've got a 10Mb down line, so it's not an issue. It does not however affect what program gets more of the bandwidth on MY computer, which is what I'll be using the Killer NIC and its software for. I do things other than play games, but I prefer for the games on MY computer to be prioritized over all other traffic. I download/seed torrents 24/7, so this will fix my issue of my ping jumping around even though I've limited the upload of my torrent client to 1/2 of my upload speed of 220 KB/s.

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See, now the problem here is, that according to the marketing of the NIC, it says it will do what you want it to above. Now, saying and doing are two different things, and according to this, it does not do what it says.

Our happiness was short lived though: as soon as we moved around in the game we knew something was wrong. Even though our ping was reported by the game as playable, the experience was very laggy. For example, wed walk forward through a door only to have the screen stutter before putting us back outside the doorway we walked through.

This kind of thing should be familiar to anyone whos attempted to play on a borked server, and it obviously made the game unplayable. Its intriguing that the Killer 2100 was doing enough work for the server to report our ping as 60ms, but its obvious that something was still stopping the game being playable. Whether our ping was micro-stuttering or we were losing too many data packets, we couldn't tell.
Spoofing low pings, and having low pings are also different things.
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