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Default Re: Battlefield 3 System Requirements...

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Wow... a game that doesn't have XBOX 360 listed as a requirement. I wonder how many fan boys will be crying when they see the game running crippled on their trash-boxes??

Sounds like my OC'd 480 and Sandy B will be more than up for the task.

I'm also curious to see how many people will cry "the game is not optimized" - the devs use of the term 'scaling' would seem to indicate people with less than a decent GPU, quad core CPU and 4GB of ram will not be running it at high settings. I just hate when asshats with old hardware cry about a game not being optimized... no it's your setup that is not optimized ..or as we call it obsolete.

Well people were trying to play GTA IV on their integrated graphics, so anything is possible.
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