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Default Re: Wii 2 to be announced at E3

Originally Posted by suburbanguy View Post
Rumor has it that Nintendo's next console will use a GPU in the R700 family or equivalent and have shader 4.1 capability. That's 2008 technology in a 2012 console. Still, a massive upgrade from Wii which uses late 1990s tech since it's no more than a higher-clocked GameCube with more RAM. I had hoped for DX11 features like tessellation and whatnot, maybe the dev-kits are early and we'll get a R8xx or R9xx GPU with more modern features in the final console.

However, I've said all along on other forums that all I want is for the next Nintendo console to have Radeon 4850 or 4870 like performance (1 to 1.2 TFLOPs) which would represent more than a console-generation beyond Wii and outperform Xbox 360 and PlayStation3. I cannot wait to see Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime and Zelda in glorious 1080p 60fps with near CGI-like visuals.
You say that like its a disappointment... Remember that the current best GPU in a console is the Xbox360s chip, which is R500 generation, with about 200 Gflops of shader power. Something with 1-1.2Tflops would be 5x the current top of the line console.
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