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Well, yes... yes absolutely, I'm not enjoying gaming in general as much as I did before.

I currently own 300+ games, most of which are on the PC (and most of which are on Steam), some of them are Consoles games (on the NES, SNES, Genesis, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2, I sold my other Consoles long ago, the latest Console I owned was the original XBOX, I never owned any of the Consoles of the current generation, not even rented, I just skipped out of lack of interest), but I never play more than two or three of them. That's what I noticed over years, the number of games I own is increasing (although at a much lower rate as time passes), but the number of games I do play "regularly" out of them all is incredibly small. Since summer of last year I've been playing pretty much one game, a Free-2-Play MMORPG, and from time to time (something along the lines of one or two sessions per week) I've played about three or four games in between (such as Team Fortress 2, the original Dawn of War, and Medieval II with modifications).

Generally speaking I am indeed less "inspired" to play games, and I've been disappointed countless times over the past few years from various developers, most of which I had lot of respect for, I don't put the fault on the developers only however... it's just the whole scheme of things that changed over the years really, the market, the business models, the mentality, the digital era is forcing things to change left and right, mostly for the worst (losing social interactivity, especially with on-line PC gaming), sometimes for the better (depending on the situation, but taking the Wii as an example trying to bring actual live people back together playing games as a group, as it was often in the 8-Bit, 16-Bit and 32-Bit era when as kids and young adolescents we were used to physically bring our own Console to our friend's place and play together, often being proud to pop-up that new game we just bought and blowing the friend's mind with it, felt great!).

Unfortunately I feel that it's mostly "déjà-vue" stuff pretty much all over the place. By that I mean that when a "new RPG" comes out, I have the feeling that it's just trying to take elements from "that one" and "this one" released years ago that I happened to play, and they (developers) tried to label that as something new... well really it's just a mixture and it's supposed to feel new and play differently, sometimes it does work, sometimes it's just a clone of a known past franchise and if you played that franchise in the past you're just going to stop playing that so called "new game" after a short period if you did ended up buying it, often by mere impulsion, or perhaps due to a low price and you thought "bah, at that price, why not", and still you're disappointed. I feel like that since a few years, as I said earlier I've been disappointed, a lot, even by known developers with their praised big-budget AAA titles, and like someone else mentioned I too enjoy Indie games more than I even want to.

Don't get me wrong I do support Indie developers (just look at Minecraft, or Trine, or Super Meat Boy, or stuff like Gratuitous Space Battles or even Braid) and they come up with nice little, simple and fun games... but when a big name developer has about the best programmers and coders and artists of all types that you could ask for and they end up rushing a title - any title - because it has to "make it in this specific fiscal year" then in my opinion it's just a waste of time and talent, perhaps not a waste of money since obviously it's their goal now... well technically it has always been the goal, money BUT... but back then somehow interest and greed in financial profits rarely ended up being the sole reason why a game sucked if it did suck, usually if a game sucked (and yeah many did even back then) then it was the developers' fault. Today when I play a game like Dragon Age 2, or Crysis 2, and I look at the developer that made them and their past history I'm really wondering if they did make those games.

I know it's different for everyone anyway, some may agree, others may not, but even my "old" games from my Consoles are not interesting me much, I played them all to death anyway, when I do play them it's usually because I'm driven to play one or more of them for about five or ten minutes because of some nostalgia that just kicked in, usually because I had just seen or heard something about old games on the web and I just leave my chair and go start-up my SNES, then I get a smile on my face, "it was fun back then", I get bored after five minutes, and then I end back on my fair looking at the monitor and browsing the web blindly just for the heck of it until it's time to go sleep for work the next morning. It's a cycle that started some years ago, I'd say that at least for me it started when Steam started to pretty much become what it is today and what it "helped" (or provoked) creating (I.E digital gaming era, downloadable content in mass).

Bah... my video gaming history is pretty much a big roller coaster anyway, it's never really been "always enjoyable", there's been downs before, but I must say, never like the one I'm going through right now and since the past few years, this one is the worst and I fear it's going to last for a couple of years. Now I might enjoy one or two games per year, if I'm lucky, when back years ago I could easily buy around five or six games in a year and enjoy and play them all regularly and that is what has changed the most over the years, the number of games I buy and the number that I do enjoy out of those I buy.
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