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Default Re: Completely over my head - Nvidia ION on Ubuntu

Originally Posted by artem View Post
For that you should know how to use the console, how to install kernel development headers, invoke sudo, etc. Normal people shouldn't be bothered with these tricks - it just shows that Linux is still unusable on the desktop.
Bull! If you can't run simple CLI commands, then you shouldn't be allowed to use *ANY* computer . . . . The CLI is slightly more sophisticated than banging two rocks together . . . . Kernel dev should be part of the distro, and sudo is optional at best . . .

Typing "nvidia-installer" and answering a few questions is about as simple as anything gets. If the prereqs aren't on the system, as others have said, blame the bad distro, or an incorrect install thereof, not NVidia . . .

I am occasionally forced to downgrade myself to WinDuhs, and without the CLI, there is a lot that can't be done there either . . .

- Tim
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