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Default Re: I am a tech support guy's worst nightmare!

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
On the phone with Kodak Tech support trying to get my printer to work again.

Background: Lightning strike a few days ago fried a surge protector, router, ethernet port on a cable modem, ethernet port on a computer (fiance's), and now, it seems the usb port on my kodak all-in-one printer.

So I got on tech support this morning, first live chat which was dreadfully slow. We were unable to resolve the issue, so they referred me to their phone support. As expected, I got a guy probably stationed out of india (although, at one time he put me on hold and picked up to talk to his supervisor, but instead talked to me again, and it was in english. That threw me for a loop.) We went through roughly 2 hours of talking me through uninstalling/reinstalling the printer, drivers, changing the USB cable out, installing it on another computer, FORCING a manual install, etc. The entire time, I was always one step ahead of him. After it was all said and done, I got the same error every time I plugged the printer into the computer:

"USB device not recognized"

The entire time, I kept saying it was the USB controller on the printer, but he refused to believe me and continued on through tireless troubleshooting. At one point, he even said I needed to contact Microsoft as it was an issue with my operating system. At that point, I assured him that I reformat my computer every 6 months and am not your typical joe computer user. He was surprised that my computer has 8GB of memory and the CPU is overclocked to 3.9Ghz too.

Eventually, about 15 minutes before this ended, he asked if I had had any sort of power surges recently. It took him exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes to ask this magical question. At that point, I plugged the printer into my dinosaur Dell laptop that has windows XP on it. Surprise surprise, I got the same exact error. At that point, he conceded that I was right and ordered a "free of charge" RMA of the product.

I am a tech geek, and I am tech support's worst nightmare. As much as tech support may know, I know more.
As you may be more right than wrong... being that I work for the geek squad it annoys me to no end when I have to deal with customers whom believe they know more than I. Sure, it's possible. In fact I darn well know that there are people out there more tech savy than I. However, if that be the case then you've likely no business coming to me for help and are instead wasting my time and your money.

If you have the knowledge but don't have the means for what ever reason just acknowledge that you're dealing with a fellow tech and have some respect. I get so frustrated at people talking down to me over the phone or in person. I'm half tempted to refuse them any service at all. Fix it yourself.

In regards to OEM tech support- you're definitely right. I've encountered the same my self. Very frustrating.
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