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Default Re: VDPAU Feature Set D

What's also interesting though from the new hardware enablement is that the GeForce GT 520 and NVIDIA NVS 4200 are sporting a new VDPAU feature-set, classified as D.

Dean Hilkewich, better known as "Deanjo" in our forums, who is usually spot-on with his comments regarding NVIDIA's Linux support, says that WebM may soon be coming to VDPAU as part of this new feature-set. This is also good news since VP8/WebM acceleration over VDPAU might come to Gallium3D this summer for open-source drivers.

Nvidia people said many times that they are not allowed to comment the future features or products. So do not expect response from Nvidia until there will be official announcement
in release notes, documentation or press release.
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