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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You cherry pick isolated benches that support your views. I provided links to 26 benchmarks where the GTX590 wins (or in a few cases, ties) at 25 X16 or 57 X10 that I found in the first few reviews I looked at.

You provide three benchmarks and yell "ATi wins again!" and then say "I can't be bothered to provide evidence like you did, because ATi doesn't give me free video cards".

The difference between what we post is that I at least try to back my opinions with some evidence from independent review sites. You link to a benchmark or two and say "Look, I was right!".

All you have proven is that in the couple games at one setting 99.9% of people can't even run the ATi card has some advantage.

What I proved is that across a very large cross section of games, at high resolution, the GTX590 competes well.

I have no doubt you could go and find 26 benches at high res where the 6990 wins or ties as well, but even if you did, there would be the poor 3d, no PhysX, no forced ambient occlusion, no CF profiles when games launch, no AA in some UE3 games at launch, no CUDA apps to consider. Also, the ATi benches done by reviewers who use default settings (most) are not at comparable IQ due to ATi's performance enhancing, image quality reducing AF optimizations that have received more and more mention in reviews lately.

Not to mention the 6990 may be the loudest video card ever sold, including the FX5800 Ultra.

As much as you try to paint the 6990 as some "superior solution" for high end gaming, you can't change its limitations.

What it has going for it is better OCing, and comparable performance. These are just facts.
Rollo, you make me laugh. Thanks.
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