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Default Re: I am a tech support guy's worst nightmare!

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
As you may be more right than wrong... being that I work for the geek squad it annoys me to no end when I have to deal with customers whom believe they know more than I. Sure, it's possible. In fact I darn well know that there are people out there more tech savy than I. However, if that be the case then you've likely no business coming to me for help and are instead wasting my time and your money.

If you have the knowledge but don't have the means for what ever reason just acknowledge that you're dealing with a fellow tech and have some respect. I get so frustrated at people talking down to me over the phone or in person. I'm half tempted to refuse them any service at all. Fix it yourself.

In regards to OEM tech support- you're definitely right. I've encountered the same my self. Very frustrating.
I personally haven't talked to geek squad employee that actually know what they are doing at least in this area. Coworkers, friends etc.. that deal with geek squad because they bought something at "worst buy" because they had the extended warranty. often after getting their machine back from geek squad call me fix something.

OEM tech support be it dell, kodak, hp etc.. tier 1 is useless. tier 1 knows nothing, they just read a script and depending on the answer follow diffrent flow of questions. usually there is also atleast tier 2 sometimes tier 3. with OEM tier 2 usually is hard to get to.

i recently had to contact motorola, because there is a problem with motorola driver, when driver is installed, autorun for media is disabled. something only a driver development team can fix. what got on my nerves is tier 1 had me answer dozens of stupid questions, after some 30-40 minutes finally i was transfered to tier 2, that didn't pick up.
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