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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Except that PhysX is pretty unplayable without a second card,
This is a GTX590 thread, GTX590s have two GPUs. So it's now preferable to have no GPU accelerated physics effects if you need two GPUs to run them?,00.asp
We have to admit it: The Mafia II benchmark with PhysX enabled does look a lot better than the plain version—as does the full game.
Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Forced AO is pretty useless and gives such a performance loss is no use,
A new welcomed feature, yet depending on the application and the resolution, you may see a performance drop between 20-40%, which is likely too hefty for the most of us.
20-40% might have been high back in GTX275 days, but a lot of cards now run a lot of games at 70-100+fps at 1080P, so having the option to force image enhancing AO on games is a nice option.

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
hardly any CUDA games(again CUDA takes a huge performance drop in Just Cause 2 for example).
Even if it's one game, better to have it than not. I have JC2, and the water looks better on NVIDIA.
In Just Cause 2, GPU Water Simulation and Bokeh filtering make a compelling argument for NVIDIA video cards.
Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
NVIDIA have a history of AF optimizations as well, reducing image quality or making big gains in benchmark apps.
I see, so because NVIDIA had an issue with AF optimizations years ago it's OK that ATi does now and most of the benchmarks buyers see in reviews are inflated by lower image quality?

I notice you didn't mention ATi's 3d at all, we must be in agreement how far they are at this.

In any case, the point is ATi doesn't offer all the stuff above. Support varies, as does performance hit, but NVIDIA cards give gamers options to play games with better image quality and higher immersion that ATi owners don't get.

When you add that the 6990 sounds like a hair dryer and only gives better performance in some games (and usually not noticeably better performance) it's pretty difficult to make a case for the 6990.

About the only thing it really has an advantage in is OCing, and do we really "want" to make the loudest graphics card in history louder?
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