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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
Changing the power level voids your warranty? News to me..

Also, sure nvidia cards are faster with retarded levels of tessellation like in Unigine heaven. Though when you bring those levels down to realistic levels of which you might see in games in the future, the ATI cards leap ahead.

It does void your warranty unfortunately from AMD's standpoint, even though the overclocking feature is engineered directly into the card(the dual Bios switch), wich increases both the voltage and clocks of the card....It's a dumb policy to say the least, since if you don't want people to overclock the cards, don't make it that easy to do so in the first place..

However, vendors that are carrying the cards will still respect the warranty even if it is overclocked using that feature, even if it means eating the entire cost of the RMA, since they get nothing from AMD itself under those circumstances...

As for the tesselation thing, it's something that's totally dependent on developers and future titles, so speculating on just how much will be used in future games is pretty pointless, especially since we're probably 6 months from the first generation of GPU's using the 28nm process, and i think it's a given that both ATI and AMD will use the extra transistor budget to further beef up the tesselation performance among other things in those GPU's, if nothing else to see who'll be faster in the heaven benchmark then....

It's called marketing for a reason, and it has no basis on what games are using right now or in the near future...
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