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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
If AO is a feature, why cant MLAA be one? Or Edge Detect? Or super sampling.
I know different flavors of AA is all ATi has given their user for years for image enhancing features, so that is what you have to fixate on. I get it, it's what they've done, so it's what you've got.

TBH I haven't even thought about AA modes for yearss. The improvements are so marginal once you get above 4X MSAA that it just isn't an area of great concern.

With NVIDIA cards, I can add shadowing of objects through AO to make scenes more realistic, I can see the games in real 3d to make them more realistic, or add GPU accelerated physics effects to make envirnoments more realsitic.

This is all stuff that is readily apparent, I don't have to go find a scene with a chain link fence and stop and examine it to see the difference.

Fear not though RoadHog. ATi has been promising GPU accelerated physics for around six years now, they may figure it out some day. ATi has also been begging other companies to put together a 3d alternative for them for a few years now, and they do have it for televisions. Maybe someday someone will build a HDMI1.4 monitor for them and you'll be able to game at 1080P at 24fps on a computer just like on the tvs!
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