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Default Re: MS must be desperate.

Microsoft needs to ramp up the marketing on these things big time. I absolutely LOVED my Zune HD - the only reason I don't own it is because what I really needed (and ended up buying) was a car stereo that could play MP3s from USBs. If they phones would have been in the market when I bought my Droid Incredible, I would have seriously considered a W7 phone even with all of the drawbacks. I just love the interface.

That's the thing, though. It's polarizing. It's either you love it or hate it. With the HTC DI, I can take the interface or leave it. It's just "OK".

What games did he give you? Anything good? How are sales of the W7 phones at your store? I imagine fairly dismal. How's the return rate compared to the others?

Sorry for the grilling and I understand if you can't share due to policy.
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