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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
I think the issue is based on power consumption. By flipping the BIOS switch, you significantly increase the power draw to the card. There are PSU's out there that would not be able to handle the load, thus creating an unstable experience. Without that switch being flipped, the chances of such a thing happening are completely determined by the PSU itself. In that case, the only solution is to get a better PSU.

They're probably voiding the warranty because they don't want people simply returning the card because their PSU isn't up to snuff and take that mistake for their card being defective and returning it. It's all about maximizing profits.

That's actually another beef i have with both cards to be honest, as the GTX590 is rated at 365 watts TDP and the HD6990 is at 375 watts TDP and this is at stock clocks for both cards, so once overclocked, they'll both go well north of 400, maybe even beyond 450 watts wich is just insane in terms of dissipating that kind of heat and keeping either card quiet with the stock cooling,.

But more to the point, they only use a pair of 8 Pin PCI-e power connectors, wich along with the 75 watts provided by the PCI-e slot itself totals 375 watts in total....So where is the extra power coming from especially when you overclock both of them?....I know they both use advanced power management features that work with the drivers to minimize power draw to the absolute minimum requirement needed, but still, any Power supply is going to be pushed pretty hard here, as they're usually rated for 25 amps per 12 volt rail, wich totals 300 watts, and each pair of PCI-e connectors (6 + 8 pin), usually uses a single dedicated rail.

There's only a few power supplies that don't use multiple 12 volt rails in their design, and one that comes to mind is the silverstone zeus series, wich uses a single massive 90 amp rail for the 12 volt line(1080 watts), but they are expensive....

The one thing i like is what Asus did with the ARES series of cards, specifically the HD5970 version that also packs 4 GB of ram(2 per GPU of course), but they designed their own PCB for this one, and in this case using 3 PCI-e power connectors(8 + 8 + 6 pin setup), so that the cards have at least 450 watts provided to them....They knew they had a power hog on their hands and designed to power delivery accordingly...

That didn't happen with the GTX590 or the HD6990 cards though, and the PCI-e spec also allows for triple slot coolers to also lower temperatures and less noise since the fans don't need to turn as fast as they do(especially with the HD6990) given the heatsink's larger surface area...

In short, both these cards overstep the reasonable limits even for hardware enthusiasts in terms of power use, thermals and noise, and i wouldn't even think of buying either one without imediately going the water cooling route, since that at least solves 2 or the 3 problems, even though i have to spend a fair amount more money extra and more work setting that up as well.....
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