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Default Re: VDPAU Feature Set D

Originally Posted by primerib View Post
That's unfortunate. I'm not going to throw money at hardware and not know what I'm getting for it.
According to Nvidia release notes VDPAU C and D are identical. In real world introducing new feature set which is identical to previous one makes no sense. But in marketing world the situation is different - buy VDPAU D because it is just newer than VDPAU C. When you look at GT520 hardware you see GT430 features cut in half and price lower by $10. Who will buy this? - Only people who believe that newer is just better because is more new (OEMs, big shops selling "shop brand" cheap computers). When I read reviews of GT520 I see no good opinion both in international sites and here in Poland. Everyone asks: for who this card was created? Performance of IGP but noise, power consumption, 2 slot cooling size of discrete GPU and price the same as GT430 (its price dropped because GT4xx is now previous generation and shops do shelves cleaning).

I think Nvidia is just making noise in every possible way to put attention to this card and make you buy it. Since they started to sell nForce7xx/Geforce 8200 with usb 1.1 hanging on Linux without making any patch to fix this I turned from being Nvidia fan to demanding client and always suspiciously look at dirty Nvidia hands when they try to sell me something.
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