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Default Re: VDPAU Feature Set D

Originally Posted by zbiggy View Post
According to Nvidia release notes VDPAU C and D are identical. In real world introducing new feature set which is identical to previous one makes no sense. But in marketing world the situation is different - buy VDPAU D because it is just newer than VDPAU C. When you look at GT520 hardware you see GT430 features cut in half and price lower by $10. Who will buy this? - Only people who believe that newer is just better because is more new (OEMs, big shops selling "shop brand" cheap computers). When I read reviews of GT520 I see no good opinion both in international sites and here in Poland. Everyone asks: for who this card was created? Performance of IGP but noise, power consumption, 2 slot cooling size of discrete GPU and price the same as GT430 (its price dropped because GT4xx is now previous generation and shops do shelves cleaning).
Umm sorry but the GT-430 draws a hell of alot more power then the GT-520 and every generation of VDPAU has brought new supported features.

Since they started to sell nForce7xx/Geforce 8200 with usb 1.1 hanging on Linux without making any patch to fix this I turned from being Nvidia fan to demanding client and always suspiciously look at dirty Nvidia hands when they try to sell me something.
You know I have a bunch of 8200 based boards and all of them have the USB 1.1 working fine.
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