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Default 4400 and Dual Monitor Problems / Refresh Rate

Ok, so before I'm running a gf3 ti200 and a pci 2d card for my 2nd mon. Refresh rates worked fine (independent of each other) since the 2nd mon always ran in 800x600.

Well now that they are both on the same card (my 4400) the refresh rates are the same on both ramdacs.

My 19" main mon does 120Hz at 800x600 and my 2nd does max 75.

So if i lock it to 120Hz (i play RA3 @ 800x600 and need over 100Hz refresh ) then that sets my 2nd mon to 120Hz as well, thus making it useless as it will not run at those speeds.

Any ideas / programs to do dual refresh rates that are independent from each other?

What the big pain is, when i lock the rates, if i go into display props to manually set it to another freq, then they are all disabled, andthe only one i can select from is 120Hz (whatever i locked it to)

any ideas / workarounds? i have yet to find a workaround

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