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Unhappy GTX 570 issue

Hello All,

I Just got a EVGA GTX 570 around the beginning of March...probably installed around 1-2 week of March.

I noticed a week ago, when I play Bad company 2, I see purple markings during gameplay (like the smoke is purple)..also black squares ....

Everything all OC. I also see the same thing on an old game...the purple markings....on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas.

I haven't updated any drivers recently or a week ago.

Any thoughts? Sounds like a memory leak crashed on me once sometime 1.5 week ago.

Crysis 2> I get these lines coming out of the guns and some on the hands...very odd. Simple alt-tab in and out fixes it..but it comes back....... the men turns white sometimes too...

I'm quite devastated....i'm guessing to roll back on drivers...not suire....

I need some feedback

GPU> EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD Fermi 732MHZ 1280MB GDDR5 2XDVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Video Card
PSU> Corsair TX750W
CPU> i5 760
RAM> 8 Gb (4 on OCZ/4 on G SKill both 1600)

Nvidia Control Panel Ver > 3.5.797.0

Thankyou all for your time
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