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Default Re: VDPAU Feature Set D

To @gradinaruvasile and @Deanjo
The Nvidia usb 1.1 hanging bug is only present for full speed devices. Keyboards, mice and other low speed hardware are fine.
Full speed usb 1.1 devices like irda dongles, audio cards, ADSL modems will hang after few minutes of use. The only cure for this hang is to hard reset Linux. This usb trap is for Linux exclusively. Windows XP and Solaris are not affected. Nvidia never released kernel patch to fix the issue. You can workaround the trap by using noapic kernel boot parameter.

Do simple test:
Disable usb 2.0 in bios setup. Connect usb harddrive or pendrive. Copy files. It will hang after few minutes.

Now repeat the test on other machine with chipset other than nForce7xx/Geforce82xx. The copy will be fine.

Or connect any full speed usb 1.1 only device which makes intensive transfers over usb without disabling usb 2.0.

I do not blame Nvidia for selling chipset with broken usb ohci controller. I blame them for not providing patch to kernel which will fix it or workaround it.
So far i tried: USB pendrives, 3G modems (3-4 models), cell phones (USB transfer mode), cameras, SD/MMC card readers, webcams. No hangs.
Anyway, i dont deny the fact that there is such a bug, but i did not encounter it.

I have an ASUS M3N78-VM mobo with MCP78/8200 chipset. Using Ubuntu 9.10/Debian Squeeze/Testing with the (Ubuntu 9.10 default) i think 2.6.28, Debian 2.6.32 and 2.6.38 kernels.
As far as i know "full speed" for USB means 2.0. And if it works well in Windows/Solaris, why people say that the controller is broken?
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