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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Perhaps, but my GTX590 performs very well at 57X10, and on some games at 57X10 in 3d. The AGP cards of yore were incredibly weak in comparison, I'd probably be looking at .003fps with two of those GPUs, so it's all relative.

If you want to run high end graphics, high end cases and PSUs are required.

Those AGP cards were high end graphics cards for their time, costing anywhere from 400 to 600$ at the time, and were cranking out some pretty good FPS numbers for pretty much any game available at the time, and used tiny coolers that only used a single slot on the motherboard without blocking the one next to it, since todays cards use such large coolers that they do block expansion slots on the motherboard, and they didn't need additional power connectors at all...

If all the user cares about is performance above anything else and the current trend continues, then get used to seeing video cards use above 500 watts probably within the next 2~3 years, fully deserving to be called serious power hogs and soon needing a nuclear reactor to power the friggin thing up, and that's just 1 card....

Now add those who use 2~3~4 card setups in SLI or crossfire and what should users do in those cases, perhaps redo the electrical wiring of the house using more powerfull breakers and install a water chiller on the outside of the house just for the PC cooling issue perhaps?....Remember, performance is all that matters right?....

It's getting rediculous, plain and simple.
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