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Default Re: VDPAU Feature Set D

Originally Posted by zbiggy View Post
You will better make use of any recent IGP. Less power less noise and performance close to GT520. For movies no difference.
You would think that but alas that is not true. Intel IGP's for example still cannot deliver a true ntsc film rate( which means frame duplication) , only accelerate h264 and mpeg2. AMD's IGP's are absolutely horrid in linux (vaapi dxVA wrapper still has ALOT of growing pains) when it comes to hardware acceleration as well. Also a GT520 is far cheaper then replacing an entire system.


To @gradinaruvasile and @Deanjo
The Nvidia usb 1.1 hanging bug is only present for full speed devices. Keyboards, mice and other low speed hardware are fine.
Full speed usb 1.1 devices like irda dongles, audio cards, ADSL modems will hang after few minutes of use.
I am well aware what "Full speed usb 1.1 devices" are. No issues here with usb 1.1 audio cards, older usb storage (hello ipod) or even an old USB 1.1 wireless dongle. No work arounds here needed. Works as advertised.

Do simple test:
Disable usb 2.0 in bios setup. Connect usb harddrive or pendrive. Copy files. It will hang after few minutes.

Now repeat the test on other machine with chipset other than nForce7xx/Geforce82xx. The copy will be fine.

Or connect any full speed usb 1.1 only device which makes intensive transfers over usb without disabling usb 2.0.

I do not blame Nvidia for selling chipset with broken usb ohci controller. I blame them for not providing patch to kernel which will fix it or workaround it.
As I said can do these no problem.
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