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Default Re: I am a tech support guy's worst nightmare!

I did OEM support for Gateway back before it was all outsourced, and the worst calls were when you got somebody on the line claiming to be a "network administrator". Those types thought they knew everything, and almost never wanted to do what you told them too despite the fact they really didn't know that much when it came to basic PC support. Some guys would waste ten minutes repeating that they're MCSE and that they already tried everything before they would close their trap and listen to the fix.

PC enthusiasts and other repair techs were fine to work with because they saw you as an equal, but network guys always elevated themselves and talked down.

Half way through my time Gateway they began heavy outsourcing with their push to put a PC in every household, so the internal techs then began spending most of their time cleaning up after the outsourced techs, who seemed to screw more stuff up than they fixed. Gateway also began spending huge amounts of money on a click through troubleshooting flow chart program which would allow them to hire just about anybody who knew how to point and click. When I started at Gateway, which was 12 years ago, you had to pass a technical test to get hired, and then there was six weeks of intense hardware/software training.
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