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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Its pretty cool to make stuff up, I guess. GTX 590 is the second loudest card ever, behind the 6990 by a few decibles, and even then, only in some situations. A lot of cards have since surpassed the infamous FX5800, it was just for the time, it was way louder than anything out there.

That's the main issue really, when the performance of the card is lower than expected(FX5800) that things such as power use, heat and noise isuses further make it look even worse still as an overall product...Offer kickass performance and those same power/heat and noise issues aren't even mentioned as a problem at all, at least for some people...Double standard much?

Anyhow, in my case with 3 GTX580's on board wich are rated at 240 watts TDP for each one, that's potentially 720 watts of heat to deal with and that's before i even think of overclocking the cards at all, and i have a feeling that the upcoming 28nm parts will probably double the performance overall, but might get TDP values that won't be far off 300 watts, so that's potentially 900 watts of heat to deal with here if i get 3 of those too...

I won't be able to deal with that much heat without the PC sounding like a vacuum cleaner each time i start it up with just straight air cooling, and even water cooling will be problematic while keeping all the cooling mounted internally due to lack of space and air flow issues, so i might have to start thinking about using an external enclosure to house the radiators/fans and reservoir and pump, using their own dedicated power supply...

It's getting crazy to have to resort to such extreme methods if i want a PC that's quiet with high performance, and not have the GPU's running at 90*C under hard loads, wich also heats up the rest of the interior of the PC case nicely....
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