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Default ECS K7S5A SiS 735 on NewEgg a good deal ($53)?

ECS K7S5A SiS 735 Socket A mobo is on Newegg for $53!!
Maybe a good deal?

My freind's stuck with an Athlon classic 700 TOTALLY HOBBLING his GF3ti200 and ATA-100 HD. He wants to replace his mobo and CPU for midrange performance, and LOW cost.

I have a duron 900 or Tbird 1.3 for him (interim upgrade while saving up for XP1700... or an emergency cpu), and he wants to use his existing 384mbCrucial PC133, existing case, HD and accessories.

This configuration (if bought) would only last a few months until the XP cpu and replacement of the PC133 with some DDR266 or 333.

Are there stability probs with this mobo, being dual RAM channel?

Does it have bad OC potential?

Is this the chipset that shared the crown with AMD 760 only to be bested by KT266A last year?

Would this be a good deal for him? I'm selling the 900 to him for $20. Or my TBird 1.3 for 40.

This guy's on a budget and wants to step up a little while expanding his performance ceiling.

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