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Default Re: ios 4.3.2 Changes

Originally Posted by AthlonXP1800 View Post
The latest IOS 4.3.2 did not fixed battery and memory draining issues everybody like me suffered since 4.2.1.

I updated to IOS 4.3.2 then jailbreaked it, deleted all programs running in background and leave it until full charged. After full charged for 8 hours, I noticed the battery drained 25% down to 75% with no programs running. I checked System program for memory and it only got 15MB left. Same issues to full charged iphone 4 people used for a day only last 6 hours and very low free memory, I find it now worse than Android.
some people reported disabling ping helps a bit. under general settings, restrictions. my front facing camera on my ipod touch 4g stopped working a couple weeks ago and was hoping this revision would fix it. no go, must be hardware
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