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Default Re: Nvidia 9600GT: Xorg process and high CPU usage

I'm seeing this too on the following system:

Asus U6V
Core2Duo P8400 2.26GHz
9300M GS

Gentoo Linux:
Kernel 2.6.38
X.Org xserver 1.10.1
NVIDIA driver 270.41.03 (and previous 270.* and 260.* versions too)
KDE 4.6.2

I have other computers as well, where this doesn't happen (all Core2Duo, but with various NVIDIA cards (GT220 @work, GTX460 for gaming). They're somewhat more conservatively updated, so they're not so bleeding edge as my laptop (Kernel 2.6.36, Xorg 1.9, KDE 4.4, NVIDIA driver 260).

I have a machine with a GT9500 card as well, but it's only used as a HTPC (MythTV) and not as a regular desktop, so I haven't been aware of possible high CPU usage on that one. I'll try to remember and check. Perhaps this problem is limited (or particularly apparent on 9xxx cards).

EDIT: Forgot to mention all machines are running Gentoo Linux. My machine at work is running 64bit and the rest 32bit.
Desktop: Asus P5B Deluxe, Core2Duo E8500, 2GB Corsair 800MHz CL4, Gigabyte GTX460 1024MB
HTPC: Asus P5B-E, Core2Duo 6300, 1GB Corsair 533MHz, Asus 9500GT w/ 512MB DDR3
Server: Gigabyte D510UD, Atom D510, 2GB Corsair 800MHz, Hauppauge NOVA-T500 dual DVB-T tuner, 4x 2TB Samsung F3EG (RAID5)
Laptop: Asus U6V, Core2Duo P8400, 3GB DDR2, 9300M GS
OS on all: Gentoo Linux

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