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Hmm... interesting. From the X log, X is trying to load "GLcore", "dri", and "glx" (but not nVidia's GLX; the actual file it's using is libglx.a, and nVidia's is named, and use the "nv" driver. It should be not loading "GLcore", not loading "dri", loading "glx" (.so), and using the "nvidia" driver. Which is the way the config file you've attached is set up.

Additionally, the log file says that the configuration file it's using is named /etc/X11/XF86Config-4. And the file you've attached is named xf86config-4.txt, which leads me to believe that it was this file.

Maybe I should check my assumptions first -- was the file you attached named /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 originally? That is the file that should be changed, since it's the one that X says it's using. Was the config file in this state (i.e. after you changed it, you have not run any GUI configuration tool that affects the display) when this X log was generated? The X log gets regenerated every time you try to start X up, so this log will be from the last try. The current time when the log was generated was "Tue Oct 1 22:36:09 2002", 10:36 PM on Tuesday. This seems reasonable...

What does ls /var/log/XF* print? How about ls /etc/X11? What about uname -r? (that's to find out your kernel version; if it's 2.2.xx, then the driver may not work properly, but that wouldn't cause the problems in the X log that I saw).
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