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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
You lied when you said the 590 was the second loudest card in history brah. Check out ATi's last dustbuster, the 5970 a whole 7db louder and the 6990 hitting the magical 10db louder for the dubious honor of "twice as loud":

Here we have the GTX590 as the fourth loudest card on the chart, and again hitting the magical 10db quieter than a 6990. 10db isn't a "few" brah, a card that is twice as loud isn't about the same as you said.,2898-17.html

What I like best about these reviews is they show the GTX590 and the GTX580 at the same noise level as the 6970, and both totally trump the the 6970 in performance and feature set.

The only way an ATi high end buyer can get better performance in some games is to subject himself to the loudest video card in the history of the world. If there was an ATi engineer in my living room now, I'd probably give him a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue for this situation.

After all the ATi fans spent last year joking about how the GX480 was "unusable" due to how loud it was, it's pretty convenient for me they made the 6990 much louder than both the GTX480 and GTX590. Of course the reason they did this probably wasn't concern for how easy it would be for me to post about how the 6990 is a questionable buy. They had to clock the card high enough to compete with the GTX590, which required cyclonic fan speeds to keep the card operational.
Cherry picking reviews is awesome. This review:

Shows the 6990 only 3 db ahead of the 590. I guess that 3 is only a "few", right? I'll give you that I was wrong on the loudest ever scale though, quite a few older cards seem to surpass both of them in the right situations. Which makes me wonder why you're making such a big deal about sound, you loved the GTX 480, its the loudest card on there.

Edit: Oh, thats right, the 590 lost the speed competition this time around, so you have to make up a new metric to win with. I understand now.
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