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Default Re: GeForce GTX 590 Review Thread

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

I "cherry pick" Anandtech, Toms Hardware, and The Tech Report, three of the most respected and read hardware review sites on the planet.

Your "better information" comes from Hardware Info, a website I've never heard of from a foreign land in a foreign language.

Your post is the definition of "cherry picking", how many dozen reviews did you have to go through to find one that made your point?

5db louder at TechPowerup

Go figure- 5db louder at Guru3d, just like TechPowerup and AnandTech.

11db at Hardware Canucks

So there you have it, six measured sound tests from six of the big English language review sites that say the 6990 is 5-11db louder than the GTX590. How could they all have made this horrible mistake only Hardware Info from the Netherlands was saavy enough to discern?!?!?

I await your link to a site in Kazakistan which is the "deciding factor" in your opinion. The rest of the world can read the reviews I linked to and know the truth.
You're right, foreign people don't count. Sorry everyone else, if its not english it doesn't count!

Well, unless its posting something bad about ATI, then they count extra hard, like that time you tried to link "ATI is cheating in textures zomg!!!11oneone" to all those german sites...

So, your other hypocriticalness aside, how do you justify selling the GTX 480 as the best thing ever, saying you don't care about sound, when the 6990 is quieter than the 480 was?
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