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Originally Posted by joegiampaoli View Post
Thank you for your reply, and I really appreciate your help on this, the point is that Nvidia is who should provide this kind of support. Being such a monster on computer hardware I still don't understand why they ignore the importance of a custom RT kernel and its power, providing drivers for basic Desktop usage is not what I would call a lot of support from their part.....
They have no obligation to do this, since the rt-patch is non-optimal and in no way related to the nvidia driver. In fact, those looking for pro-audio use should IMO dump nvidia and use nouveau, I've seen reports of xruns caused by the binary (which are impossible to debug since its closed).

Originally Posted by joegiampaoli View Post
I'll give the patch a go, but, the thing is that I have a blog where I explain people, mostly new users on how to compile their custom kernel for Pro-Audio, and it's quite complicated already, if I add more patching instructions for those who need newer Nvidia drivers, they will go nuts, probably even just flip away from the guide, when all I'm trying to do is update the guide for the newest RT kernel, but, what about those who also use Nvidia cards (like me!) then...?

You can see my guide here and see why all this fuzz and why I'm being such an ass:
Not wanting to be mean or anything, but you're doing it wrong. If users are technically proficient enough to patch and compile a kernel, doing the same for the nvidia drivers will not be a problem. Conversely, if they're not that technically proficient (or interested) you should simply ask them to use one of the pro-audio distros (there are several), where presumably all the work would have already been done for them. I used to use ubuntu studio, and there's of course dyneabolic (sp?) and similar.

In fact, you shouldn't even need to be using the rt-patch with modern hardware and the latest kernels. 2.6.37/38, especially with the BFS patchset, should be acceptable for most pro-audio purposes.
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