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I think its safe to say at this point, they got lucky on the first game.
I wouldn't say they were very lucky on Daikatana

And despite what anyone else thinks, I think DX:IW will be plenty fun. Yeah, they made a few mistakes with the shipped version (since they didn't get criticism of the demo until AFTER the game went gold), but the patches will fix the minor problems. Sure, universal ammo is kinda dumb, but it's not the first time it's been done, and other games have managed to be fun with it (Star Trek: Elite Force was fine with it, though they had 2 types of ammo instead of just one). And besides, how much of the first DX was even spent in combat? Half? Maybe less if you took a less violent approach? This isn't just a First Person SHOOTER you know. Hell, noone complained about the combat system in Theif, even though it was very limited. I just find it a little odd that everyone's major gripe with the game is the combat system when the game is about so much more then that...
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